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Course: Face Reading (Physiognomy)

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Things to know about this course

Physiognomy is a very interesting course and Universal Class is offering an online course for people who are into face reading and who need this specific skill for them to be more effective in their jobs.

This course would help people learn about different head shapes and what each one represents. Also, this course would help people understand lines, dimples, eyes, eyelids, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, jaws, chin, and other specific features of a person.

This is really a very good course and also a very interesting class as well. People would also understand different gestures of people and other very interesting things.

Three positive things about this specific course

"People who have been interested in face reading for quire some time now would really love this course by Universal Class. This would give people the basics of reading a face and understanding people more."

"This course is perfect for people who are in jobs that would make them more effective if they have skills or more knowledge in physiognomy. This is a very good skill and perfect for a lot of different works."

"This course can also be interesting for all kinds of people since this would help them understand people more through their appearance or outward look. This course would help them assess people."